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Josie Shaba

Nothing comes on a silver plate, However with hard work, Discipline and focus anyone achieves anything they set their mind on

Ngosa Chungu (Ndolvukazi)

We are only as far as our eyes can take us. Film Producer of the international Acclaimed the Eight Team #Blogger #FreelanceTVPresenter #SocialMediaGuru #StoryTellerAtPurpleTemboMedia

Hlupekile Luhana

Facebook: Hlupekile Luhana Instagram: @shoe_pay #Shupenister #SheEntrepreneur #Fashionpreneur

Pauleen Banda

  The only secret to getting ahead is getting started. Thus set your goals and focus your efforts on chasing them. Don’t mind what people say, pick up every opportunity that comes by and dare to try it! It could lead you to your way ...

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