We are halfway through the year and if you are still looking for a small or micro business to start here is a list of some of the businesses you can start.
There are many businesses that you can do so don’t let this list limit you . If you do not see the business you would want to start , just go ahead and start.

1. Buying and selling salaula
People want to wear good clothes without breaking their budgets. Thus salaula is a good alternative to the pricey clothes found in boutiques and other clothing stores. It is also a very good business and it is quite popular in Zambia.

2. Buying and selling charcoal
You can buy charcoal on wholesale from charcoal burners in rural areas or from charcoal traders who can sell it on wholesale then you can resale at retail. Due to loadshedding the demand for charcoal has increased and thus engaging in the charcoal business would be ideal at this time.

3. Selling freezits
You can buy freezits in bulk and sale them from your home ,neaby school, street or anywhere that would be a good location. In summer, when temperatures soar freezits increase in demand same goes for other liquids like mineral water and soft drinks.

4. Making and selling fritters, dondo or samosas
You can buy all the necessary ingredients required to make fritters and check for a recipe online . You can sell them from home , the street or any location with people.

5. Buying and selling hair products
Hair products and other beauty products have high demand in Zambia and many other African nations. Artificial hair can fetch as much as ZMW 1800 for one adult womans head.

6. Growing and selling vegetables ,tomatoes and onions
Food is always in demand especially tomatoes that can sometimes fetch as high as ZMW 250 per box. You can grow tomatoes from your farm or if you have a large yard you can utilize part of it. If you do not have a yard or farm you buy tomatoes on wholesale and resell them at a profit.

7. Website designing.
As the Zambian economy slowly shifts online more and more businesses are seeing the importance of having an online presence and are in need of websites and apps . As web designer you may use content management systems like WordPress that allow you to design and deploy websites easily.

8. Graphics designing

Assuming that you already have a computer all you need is software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP . The latter is free and is a substitute for the former.
If you don’t graphics designing you can look up tutorials on YouTube and other online / offline sources.

9.Buying and selling dry fish.

Zambia and southern Africa has a very high demand for fish and there is a huge deficit for the commodity, according to Lusaka Times, Zambians import at least 40,000 tons of fish per year.

10. Printing and photocopying Assuming that you already have your own computer. You can buy printer and photocopying machine other printers can also photocopy and print at the same time. Printing and photocopying business perform better near schools, universities and the CBD.

What other businesses do you think or know can be started with ZMW 1000 ? Post them in the comments section and share this list with your colleagues.

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