Early this month ZESCO kick started load shedding to save energy. That means if you run a barbershop, saloon, internet cafe , butchery and other businesses that make use of electricity things will have to change from now.
So how do you manage your business in the midst of all these power cuts ?
Here are a few tips .

1. Know The Load Shedding Schedule For Your Area.
You can check the load shedding schedule for your area in the newspaper. There is also an app called Zesco Load shedding that you can download here from the Google play store .
It lets you know the load shedding schedule for your area. You can also download the PDF load shedding schedule here .

2. Invest In Alternative Power Sources.
You can buy a stand by generator to run when the power cuts . You can also get uninterrupted power systems ( UPS) if you are using computers so that you can save your work . The UPS is like a battery it stores energy and allows you to work for some time. If you run a mobile money booth you can also get a power bank.

3. Consider Changing Your Work Schedule.
With load shedding in effect you may not be able to do all the things you need to do on time. Thus adjusting your work schedule will help you cope with load shedding. If you are

4. Create A Contingency Fund

A contingency fund is money that you set aside for unforeseen circumstances.
You should be saving some money for unforeseen circumstances. Thus if you need a generator you will be able to buy one .

How are you managing your small business in these times of load shedding ? Let’s discuss in the comments