we are celebrating other people stories let hear a short story.Life is a journey in which everybody has their own time to shine and grow.  Doesn’t matter, when or how, your time to shine will still come your way.

There is no need to question life or put a sad face when somebody wins because that is surely their time to grow. You would have done yourself some real injustice if you would be sad over somebody’s chapter 10 while you are still on chapter 2.It is important to celebrating other people.

Life doesn’t have a tour guide nor does it have a set of rules and regulations that lead to everybody’s success. Just like mangoes are fruits and get ready at different times, humans also have their own varying seasons of winning  when the people in your circle win that is the moment you should show support and celebrate with them because your time to win is also around the corner.

Whenever somebody in your circle wins, that is time for you to learn from them and draw inspiration from them. Hating or speaking Bad about them will only make the pain and hate you are feeling stronger. Let people’s wins give you joy and peace because you surely have no idea of what they had to go through to get to the chapter they are in love.