Comparisons the representing of one thing or person as similar to another.Deep within our minds we always hear one of these statements mentioned below

You are not good enough, life is unfair, why does it have to be me to undergo the worst ? my age mates are working and doing great things with their life’s . I cant see any light in my friends are married and some are dating yet I can’t find somebody to share my love with. my friends are buying cars and living lavish lifestyles yet I can’t even afford a decent meal !

If you are fond of being visited by such thoughts  don’t look down upon yourself. Actually let us start by acknowledging the fact that we are all human .we are all prone to being in such situations.

Continuously thinking about the mentioned statements will always steal your joy.Life is worth more than comparisons. Comparisons are always there to steal our joy, and wins. Comparisons will always make you feel less of yourself which will make you lose the will to do anything. And this will prevent you from realizing your true potential.Comparing yourself to someones achievements maybe result in pain.

For each time you are confronted by the comparison statements try to overcome that negative vibe with so much positivity.It is good to smile than comparing yourself with people. are in mind that nothing comes easy in life . Nobody was ever meant to have the same life with another human being. There is so much beauty in being different and that is what makes the puzzle of life more colorful ♥️.

Think of how many hours you have lost because of comparing your life to other peoples lives ? Please try by all means to escape the negative vibes of comparison the thief.

In conclusion of this article please try to challenge yourself with one task of getting to know who you really are. When I say “know who you are ” I mean getting so intimate with yourself eliminating all the labels society put on you ! All you have to do for this task is be in a quiet place, you can get a pen and paper too if it helps. Reflect for 10 minutes and keep asking yourself who you are, write down all the things that come to your mind. The first step to eliminating negative vibes is getting familia with yourself, because once you understand yourself, nothing can ever steal your joy.

I hope you enjoyed this article, keep yourself glued to my next article and thank you so much  you can share the link of this article to anybody you know that might like it  I am happy to know that you enjoyed reading it , life is beautiful.

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