Hair & Skincare By Nzuri

Natural hair care

Expiry Date: July 06,2023

Sassy Lingerie

Sleepwear and Lingerie business

Expiry Date: July 06,2023


Beauty and decor

Expiry Date: June 29,2023

Shuko’s Nail Bar

Cosmetic Beauty Business

Expiry Date: June 08,2023

Navid Vusiness Ventures

Cosmetics, typing, printing and photocopying

Expiry Date: June 07,2023

Molly’$cents and Molly’$beauty

Scents and Hairdressing

Expiry Date: June 07,2023
The Copperbelt university, room H129


Tailoring and designing

Expiry Date: June 01,2023
107A Mwayi road, Villa Elizabetha