Chewenu Farms

Honey aggregation.

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Expiry Date:November 22,2022

BM Yande Farms

Supply of legal game meat,..

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Expiry Date:November 16,2022


Cakes and Savoury

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Expiry Date:November 02,2022


Food, Cakes and Eatery

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212 Central Street, Nkana East, Kitwe, Zambia
Expiry Date:October 29,2022

Chiwono Farm- The Chick Chiq


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Expiry Date:October 27,2022

Bloom Harvest Enterprises

Agriculture and Distribution

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Expiry Date:October 20,2022

Audrey’s cakes

Cakes of all occasions, birthdays,..

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Expiry Date:October 19,2022

Breakfast at Yaya’s

Cafe/catering business

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Expiry Date:April 05,2022

Tani’s Touch

At Tani’s touch we try..

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Expiry Date:April 05,2022

Foody Master

Foody Master is a restaurant..

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Independence avenue, highland house.
Expiry Date:April 05,2022
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