Nowadays getting a job requires a different set of skills than those used by our parents when they were looking for entry level jobs.
Today you just don’t need good qualifications to get a job but also connections. Connections will put your foot halfway through the door to getting your job.
So how does one get connections to land a job ?

1. Attend Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows and Expos.
A good way to get actual company connections is by attending conferences, seminars, trade shows and expos. If at a trade show e.g the Zambia International Trade Fair pass by the companies you would love to work for. Carry some copies of your CVs that you will drop off and remember to also collect business cards. However do not forget to create a relationship. Infact, the whole purpose of networking is creating relationships that you can leverage to get a job. So start conversations with the company representatives and get to know them on a personal level then ask for contacts later and give them your CV.

Caminex Expo Zmbia

2. Know Your Industry
If and when you manage to get a conversation going one of the things you want to establish is a good knowledge of the industry. Know what you are talking about. This will give you an aura of being an industry insider than outsider. Know the competition, the latest trends and new developments relating to the industry.

3. Leverage social media
Sometimes you can not always attend events where you can physically network. According to CareerCast , talking to influencers in your field and being an active voice in Facebook groups related to your profession can help you to network and get connections that land you a job.

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4. Use your alumni
Your friends who graduated before you are probably working. Use them to help you land a job. This is why it is important to stay in touch with your school mates .


What strategies have you used to get connections ? let us know in the comments.