She Entrepreneur conducted its first outreach to Marketeers particularly in Chanda Castle are -a rural slump.  The pilot program for the are was well attended and women who were all traders in Chanda Castle Market, a rural slum south of the CBD of Lusaka. This adds a new demographic for the organisation that has for the last five years spent time and resources assisting women in business.

The women from Chanda Castle live on less than $4 a dollar earn a living trading in a township market.

The typical women in the group earns $2 a day at a market stall trading in vegetables an assortment of food items. Food is an easy sell but because of it’s perishability they women must plan well and sell in time. The odds are against them as Zambian weather is summer most of the year.

She Entrepreneur provided the women with business development support over a period of one month, on how to manage their businesses. Planning, often not taught is essential for business owners. Additionally, the ability then also to sell and keep good records is of high importance.

The majority of women in the markets are not literate, most married early before they could complete their secondary education. However, the vast majority want their kids in school and channel their earnings to their children’s education.

The women expressed confidence to apply what was taught in the program and were anxious to grow their businesses in the near year. The organisation will continue to support the grow through hands on business development support.

She Entrepreneur works in 3 major rural slumps.

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